October 15, 2011

Collapse with me. Or else.


Blogging from a super special secret silent sharky spooky small location today-morrow. It's in Curryland, that's all you need to know. And bearing that in mind, it's time to begin the Experience.

Has anyone noticed me walking around Curryland randomly chiming up with the word "neeeeen!", spoken in a high-pitched voice and with a huge grin on my face? Sometimes accompanied by a little jump? ...Neither have I. It's what happens when you combine sleep deprivation with adrenaline with CJ being in a happy mood and it happens often then I crash back to Earth really hard. Don't mess with me.

Like most of you, I like music. And I've decided that I'm going to discuss (briefly) some music addictions by playing them randomly from my best playlist.
  • Knights - Crystal Castles (what the fuck is he saying?)
  • I Wanna See You - The Aston Shuffle (because I spend my time in clubs too)
  • Shooting Stars - Bag Raiders (way overdue for a mention in this blog)
  • Crimewave - Crystal Castles (what the FUCK is he saying?)
  • Boom - Lo-Fi-Fnk (I have a thing for Scandinavian music)
  • The Truth - Pnau (puh-nyow!)
  • Midnight City - M83 (bringing together my favourite three elements: night, city, cheese)
  • Lights On - Katy B ft. Miss Dynamite (she's ridiculously cute in the video. Too-big jumpers FTW)
  • We Run The Nite - Tonite Only (oh yeah)
  • Anam√¶monesia - Chairlift (fucking awesome song)
  • Xxzxcuzxx Me - Crystal Castles (WHAT the FUCK is she SAYING?)
  • Ain't Waiting - Talib Kweli ft. Outasight (your face when)
  • Lisztomania - Phoenix (because I love phoenixes)
  • Eyes Be Closed - Washed Out (truly beautiful. Truly, truly beautiful)
  • Celestica - Crystal Castles (WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE... wait. This is a nice song)
I hear a distinct lack of aeroplanes, bicycles and cheese. This is a problem.

I am about to play my first cricket match for seven months. Last time I did this, I scored 54 runs not out and promptly came down with a migraine. I also met some people yesterdayish who like the crickets. And I, by extension, like them. But hear this: DO NOT SUPPORT ENGLAND OVER AUSTRALIA. Support anyone else over Australia, but WE MUST RECLAIM THE ASHES, YA HEAR?!? (you reading this, Fi?)

Also, bye bye! See you next post. Ish. Neeeen!

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