October 3, 2011

Are you sitting comfortably? No? That sucks.


This is the AFL final version of the experiment Carrie CJ.

And using the RSS reader I / my computer on another version of the direct experience of the unit, read the screen / paper / my hell, and I'm proud to present. Yes, it is very loose. I'm not from hell, and you can convert back to non-English language, do it, you very well, leading to surprising your life miserable and sad. At least I go every time, please. Today, we see a lot of people.

Down, but very important work. I have three projects. UNI has more than three weeks, and my career. Of the month 1 and 3 months my, please continue. Because it needs to do, go all out. Began on the project. The second is at an end. Third, jumping between the full and complete.

Anyway. I just, I see that you can see, there are a lot of time, the Federal Reserve through an interpreter, they - I think your glory, all the people, favorite quote, I want to join.

First, a description of his death.

"Death is an illusion. Dead is dead, he always always always live, if you do not mean that death is all you have."

Then, a description of the sport.

"No, no code, and can be accessed by everyone, and promise for everyone."

Finally, my guess.

"Understanding of the magic of traditional rights. Phoenix is ​​still alive. "

I have in my office: clip, remote control, video camera, and covers chocolate, two, controllers for video game consoles, USB flash disks, achievements, and a list of some albums. Of course, my computer junk. Desktop on a regular basis, but the pair around the clock, binary clock, and the elements of weather clock, calendar. Many of the fans? If you share these details, I have a little more of everything to hell.

I need to sleep. Chief Justice, sleeplessness, do not get along. Extends from the last few weeks were bad, especially when I think. Way of life, and I'm not, I'm obviously not working. But I think he chose. I can not live alone in shame. I think.

Possible. Therefore, the chapter ends! Please enjoy the future ... Now!

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