November 10, 2011

I don't wanna miss this.


Right. Facebook's Notes feature has decided that it's going to be a total jackass and stop importing stuff from Blogspot's RSS feed reader on November 22nd. So that means I have twelve days to smash out four posts to end the season before this happens. It's so I can at least have SOME kind of archive beyond Blogspot. (Way to go, Blogspot. You just surpassed Facebook as Most Awesome Blogging Site Evar.)

So I might as well make them all summing-up posts. First things first. 2011 has seen the introduction of a new project. If you've been featured in it, hooray! If you haven't: aww. There's still a month and a half left for you to be featured in it. Call me and I'll arrange a photoshoot. For those who have, don't worry, I will gracefully acknowledge you all come December 31. Trust me.

I saw 377 aeroplanes.

It's November. This means that I'm rapidly running out of months. Months be annoying. Which is why I've decided to punch the gas. Because I hate gas. And gas hates me. And it hates punching. Which isn't my problem.

I have two exams remaining: mechanics and algebra. I'm looking forward to the algebra one first, the mechanics one second. Which sucks, because the mechanics one comes first. HEAR THAT, EXAMS? YOU SUCK!

Oh yeah, and just so you lot know, I've made some pretty important decisions for my future. Here they are, in no particular order of importance:
  • I'm doing this shit again next year.
  • I'm also doing my real-world job again next year.
  • I'm switching from photos to videos next year.
  • I'm going to part-time for 2013. Assuming I survive the apocalypse.
  • I'm going to kill Ubuntu. Seriously.
  • I'm getting a job soon. I need moneys for games. And other stuffs.
I suppose I should sum up twelve months' worth of blog posts. So here it is.
  1. I emerge from my coffin of doom.
  2. Words of wisdumb.
  3. Turn the page.
  4. Ahrr. Ahrr ahrr ahrr ahrr ahrr. Ahrr ahrr. Ahrr.
  5. I'm positive I lost an electron.
  6. Because you told me to, is why.
  7. Lost in a mess of paperclips.
  8. Curse you.
  9. Don't talk, or I'll lose my balance!
  10. No, you may not have another cookie.
  11. I've been to paradise.
  12. My finest dream?
  13. Land of the great known.
  14. I looked at your bandannas, and thought of you.
  15. Who are your main tenants?
  16. What is this? I don't even...
  17. Hi. You're ugly.
  18. Pages and pages and pages...
  19. Your FACE is a beanbag chair.
  20. Well, that about wraps it up for another season.
  21. Colourless green ideas sleep furiously.
  22. My fork is forkier than your fork.
  23. What an august month.
  24. When will you learn? When will I learn?
  25. Toothpicks are shiny.
  26. Play with me. Learn with me. Sing.
  27. Whose butt do I have to kiss NOW?!
  28. "Go jump in the lake" has a literal meaning here...
  29. Everyone join in for the chorus!
  30. The bananas are back!
  31. Are you sitting comfortably? No? That sucks.
  32. Smile grotesquely the day after tomorrow.
  33. Collapse with me. Or else.
  34. Soundlabs, trains, and a barbeque.
  35. The undead sickness?
  36. Le danger!
  37. I don't wanna miss this.
  38. ???
  39. ???
  40. ???
Super green, huh?

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