November 21, 2011

I have RSS now. RSS is cool.


And so, we come to another season finale. Albeit a rushed one, so I'm just going to finish it here and be done with it.

No I'm not, because I've already pulled that trick on you all before. So I guess I'll finish by letting you know that I'm finishing for the season and for the year and that I'll be back in January or February or one of those ridiculously obscure months and have a seventh season and remind you that I'm only going to last ten seasons - that is, 200 episodes - before I give up and shut up and look at my other project, it's nearly done and I'm going to go to bed soon but before I do there are a few special mentions that I need to make about people. I will not mention names but I shall mention initials and you will know who you are, and if you have to ask, then you don't know who you are and you aren't on the list.
  • NL - for obvious reasons
  • AM, KH, SF, EC, MG, RB, RB, HT, TF, MR - for semi-obvious reasons
  • PF, BT, TB, LJ - for being IT-worthy
  • LB, KH, JF - for being unofficially IT-worthy (I shall indoctrinate you all eventually)
  • CM, EA - for being decent flatmates
  • CM - for being a decent flatmate-in-training
  • MT, MM, SM - for being kickass after the unthinkable happened
  • JY, JM, PF, LJ, AF, MW, GP, GB, KW, JS - for being an awesome team
  • GP, LM, AO, LR, SF, FS, WD, KV, SM, LB, JT, EP, SM, JT, LG - for being an awesome team-in-training
  • MG, AM, JF, HT, ND, TB, TT, SB, AC, RF - for being amazing upstairs neighbours
  • TB, DH, LM, DM, SM - for behind-the-scenes support
  • AG, MG, NL, LV, SM, DK, EC, RB, KW, NC, DB - for Isidore
  • TF - for the games of pool and Scrabble-on-Facebook that were inevitably closer than I initially thought
  • AF - for reminding me what it is to be CJ Curry
  • finally: CJ - for being CJ.
If you're not on the list and think you deserve to be, give me a yell. I may go deaf in the process, but I'll consider including you. If you have appeared twice or more, congratulations! You are Epic™.

See you next year!

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