November 14, 2011

Play by the rules!

THE CJ CURRY EXPERIENCE: EPISODE (six seasons minus two)

Recapping number two. I like number two. So I will recap it.

  1. JANUARY. I had fun. I stayed at college and made myself comfortable in the flat. I enjoyed the company of some fun people and had some pretty fun times, especially when I played the crickets. I watched the crickets as well, was introduced to the hot tub and saw Ratatat. Finally, I got some work two weeks in a row. I loved it.
  2. FEBRUARY. I had fun. Training, O Week prep, then finally O Week. The greatest week of the year. And I got to run some of the events, and learn some lessons about how I should run them next year, and oh my gods I had such a fun week. Oh, and thanks to the kids in red.
  3. MARCH. I had fun as classes started. I also bought my new BEAST OF A COMPUTER. In case you're wondering, no, it doesn't have a name. If I wanted to name it I'd probably name it something cool. But I don't. So I won't.
  4. APRIL. I had fun, though nothing special happened - normal boring uni stuff - until the end of the month, when I put my feet on Tasmanian soil for the first time. It took me over 21 years to visit this beautiful island. Thanks hugely to Nicole for taking me along! This now means I've visited every state and mainland territory of Australia, save Jervis Bay. But I doubt I'll ever get there. I've also never been to Brisbane. Close, though.
  5. MAY. I had fun asking "May I have a cookie please?" May was the month of Masterchef Season 1, and the Suitcase Ball. It was also assignment season and that was the kicker for me. But I survived, somehow, and I even got in a bit of time to go see Cut Copy with Lucas and Tom. Winning!
  6. JUNE. I had fun during exam season. In among it all, I managed to get StarCraft II and watch Mike get waxed. I had a scribble party (YAY), my first time running Swotvac events (YAY) and I somehow managed to fit in a party at Mia's in all that.
  7. JULY. Not fun. My wisdom teeth. Isidore. Re-O-Week. Enough said.
  8. AUGUST. I had fun. It was a fairly busy month, as it always is in august months, as Open Day, Gala Dinner and Co-Ordinator applications came and went and flew by and saw me becoming awesome again for next year. I enjoyed it. And the Census.
  9. SEPTEMBER. I had some fun, but not all of it. The unthinkable happened. It's more thinkable now, in retrospect. So I spent the rest of the month trying to get my head around the unthinkable. A trip to the Great Ocean Road and the college play kinda helped. A little. We're off to see the geezer...
  10. OCTOBER. I had fun, but what a busy month. Assignment season again, plus the zombie shuffle, coupled with training, added on to the college ball, combined with a lasertag session, this was a hella busy month. Seriously.
  11. NOVEMBER. I've had fun. It's been fairly laid back. I've met a new awesome friend and gotten closer to some other awesome people that I knew already but never got a huge chance to get close to. So to speak. It's exam season but I finish early and that means I get to have some fun. Yay!
  12. DECEMBER. Sorry, that's a secret. I'll have fun, though.

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