March 29, 2013

Joy unbounded!

"Fits me to a 'T'."

So here is my T-shirt collection, in photo order. (Hey look, actual photo!)
  • The top four are all Scribble Party shirts, 2009-2012. If you look closely there's a dick or two drawn on. One was an old T-shirt, the rest plain white tees.
  • "Meet Me At The Uni Bar" - O Week T-shirt 2011. Got it for free.
  • "one foot goes down" - one I designed myself last year, but bought online. It's my mantra.
  • A San Diego T-shirt, dyed somehow with ash. Brought back from a trip to the States by a family member.
  • "Bear + Deer = ?" - our end-of-year celebration T-shirt from 2011.
  • "I am multi-talented - I can talk and piss you off at the same time". Birthday present that perfectly describes this blog.
  • "Get Real / Be Rational" - a present from my sister. Mathematics are my life.
  • "Defeat Awkwardness With Maximum Ridiculosity" - rinse and repeat, with QC instead of mathematics.
  • "It's only illegal if you get caught" - a Jay Jays acquisition, before Jay Jays became... shit.
  • "Say Hello To The World" - O Week T-shirt 2009. Used mostly as a nightshirt.
  • Ministry Of Sound Electro House Sessions - bought 2008 when Electro House Sessions was booming.
  • "What Is This I Don't Even" - present from a friend. I love memes.
  • "A Winner Is You" - present from my sister. Ditto to above.
  • "Project C" - the caption reads "The Rubber Revolution". From 2011, given to me for free.
  • "La Trobe University" - bought in my first year. It still fits, surprisingly.
  • The cricketer - made by my grandmother. It has a kangaroo on the back.
  • "I'm Not Being Rude - You're Just Insignificant" - I get a bit hazy on this one, but I think it was a Jay Jays acquisition.
  • "Welcome To The Family" - O Week T-shirt 2012. I don't wear this one often enough.
  • "Problem Solved" - I don't wear this one for two reasons. First, it can be seen by some as misogynist; second, I was given it when I was 14 and it no longer fits.
  • "The Final Stage In The Evolution Of Chisholm" - our end-of-year celebration T-shirt from 2009.
  • "O Week - May The Force Be With You" - O Week T-shirt 2011. Another one I need to wear more.
  • "Bite Me" - those are faded thylacines. Bought by a Tasmanian in 2011.
  • The light blue Ministry Of Sound one - bought before light blue became not my colour, and before the Electro House Sessions one.
  • "Ottawa" - brought back from, of course, Ottawa by my father.
  • Tron. Painted and designed it myself, for a costume party in 2011. I use it as a fallback costume.
  • "Rogue Traders Better In The Dark" - when they toured in 2008, I saw them.
  • "The funniest thing about this shirt..." - curtailed because it's too long, another Jay Jays acquisition.
  • "Nobody likes a smart arse" - another Jay Jays acquisition. All of the Jay Jays ones were bought in 2008-2009.
  • "Big Day Out" - what it says on the tin. Bought in 2012.
  • The light blue one has faded writing and reads "Chisholm College O Week Recruit 2010". Also what it says on the tin. I've put this one through hell - mud, bleach, hair dye.
  • "Hero" - Extra Life T-shirt 2012. Was given it for raising $200+.
  • Street Fighter - came second place in a trivia contest a couple of months back and snaffled this out of the prize pack.
  • "Edge" - the dimensions of the Edge experience in the Eureka Tower. Bought earlier this year. Mathematics ♥.
  • The white one - I'm not actually sure, because this is an older one. Probably from Target, before I turned 18.
  • "YouTube MySpace and I'll Google your Yahoo" - bought at a market a month ago. My newest addition to the collection.
  • "Bollé" - another older one that I'm a bit fuzzy on.
  • "It's Not My Fault I'm Awesome" - I don't wear this one often - call it superstition. Another Jay Jays acquisition.
  • "Pomonal Cricket Club" - what it says on the tin. My non-player shirt.
  • "Step Outside For A Little Air" - brought back from New Zealand by my father on one of his work trips.
  • Warped circle - Orbital's logo. Bought at an Orbital gig last year.
  • "What Would Stephen Hawking Do" - designed and printed myself some years ago. I could have done so much better.
  • "Study Mentor Coordinator" - I actually have four of these. One for each year for three years, plus a bonus one that was misprinted.
  • "Faculty of Science, Technology & Engineering" - this year's Connect Mentor shirt.
  • "You Obviously Like Owls" - my sister loves me. Again, what it says on the tin.
  • "The Birds" - another present, this time from my parents. I love it.
  • "Fibonacci" - another present from my parents. Explains the Fibonacci numbers in nature very nicely.
  • "Cut Copy" - from a Cut Copy gig in 2011. When they toured to promote Zonoscope.
  • Pi - bought this one at Supanova last year. I regret not wearing it on Pi Day this year.
  • "It's Hard To Show I Care Since I Don't" - another Jay Jays acquisition. I love sarcastic T-shirts.
  • Owlgebra - my sister, again. She knows me way too well.
  • Aboriginal Art - another older one, and another one I'm fuzzy on.
  • Tiger - bought at a market some time ago. I love markets for this reason.
  • Kangaroo Australia - an older one. Can't remember how I came across it, but it got torn so I use it as a zombie costume.
  • "I'll try to be nicer if you try to be smarter" - I use this alongside a hoodie that says "I'm Mean Because You're Stupid". Nice little double-whammy.
  • Australia flag - I wear it every Australia Day, and then some.
In contrast, my bandannas are kinda bland:
  • Australia flag
  • Video games
  • Black
  • Orange, grey and black triangles
  • Plaid
  • Circles
  • Khaki
  • Stripes
  • Maple leaves
  • Guitar picks
  • Spots
  • Jägermeister (the only non-CanTeen one)
Fifty-eight T-shirts, and a dozen bandannas. I have enough clothing combinations to wear one a day for nearly two years. But, y'all know what? I just realised that I have no T-shirt on. And since it's Good Friday, I have no pants either. So I'm going to disappear and put on some clothes. See you in April.

i will write an episode one day from my balcony i promise.

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