September 3, 2013

Make sure that your story gets told.


Here we are, in the university's nerve centre. Not its middle, but its nerve centre. The lawn in the summer sunlight. Everyone here is enjoying the September sun in some way or another, while it's nice and warm and lovely and sunny and nice and it's not 100° yet (or, to quote a less archaic system, 37° plus a bit).

Someone yells out to the topless guy over there, "Do you even lift, brah?" The brah laughs and shrugs it off.

Someone walks over to the tree, reconsiders, and sits ten feet away instead. Pulls out a laptop and starts working.

Someone is lying on the grass, asleep. Covered up to avoid sunburn (yes, sunburn is possible in August and I am proof).

Someone else jumps off the roof of the nearby lecture theatre (landing perfectly), screams "I AM THE ONE, MOTHERFUCKER" and arranges himself in a kung fu pose. Another someone else jumps over the nearby river, yells out "I AM GOING TO ENJOY WATCHING YOU DIE," and begins kickboxing with the first guy.

Someone else is riding a horse down the road. Beautiful horse too, palomino.

Someone holds up a kitty and starts singing. I can't quite make out if it's "Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba" or "Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan".

Someone else is smoking and blows out a perfect smoke ring while he chats to a girl next to him.

Someone is playing guitar. There's a crowd of people around her, they're watching rather than singing along. Small crowd but easily pleased.

Someone over there is flying.

Someone is wearing a cape, and a few people are pointing and staring. The caped one doesn't react, but just keeps on walking.

Someone just changed into Lady Rainicorn.

Someone has no feet. He exclaims loudly "There is nowhere for me to run."

Someone looked at me. When I looked at her, she looked away. When I looked away, she looked back at me. I can tell, because I can see her out of the side of my head. She's glowing a funny pink colour.

Someone kicks a soccer ball at me. But I can see out of the side of my head, and I duck. The ball disappears.

I gotta lay off those damned mushrooms.

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