October 19, 2013

I would hardly call that a "jelly mould".


CJ needs:
  • caution when discussing blocking
  • all of our help
  • to perform some reset action
  • to come back for GTA V
CJ wants:
  • early shifting of district courts
  • lawyers to be more active
  • closer complex to capital
  • a workout
CJ is:
  • angry and believes that the garage is completely useless
  • a decent fall-back position
  • not in the game
  • predominantly viewed as a writer of works for children

Urban Dictionary says:

A CJ is good at listening, focusing on your problems, and gives good advice. He is a great and trustworthy friend. CJ is always willing to help you in anyway. He also has random made up memories of things that really didn't happen... despite what his friends say. He's amazing and makes everyone feel safe and comfortable. He instills a feeling of trust in you that you just can't shake off.

Most CJs are relatively intelligent but lack motivation and drive. CJs are very fun to interact with but due to their almost constant positive outlooks can sometimes be incredibly annoying. CJs are also very loyal friends but will not hesitate to tell it to you straight. Some CJs can suffer from a slight fear of commitment. They are much more prone to "just having a good time". However, it is possible for them to be housebroken.

CJs tend to make the mistake of holding on to the wrong one for too long while the girl of his dreams is waiting for him. Caution... CJs love to pull pranks.

Alright, who the hell wrote my (almost) entire damn bio on Urban Dictionary?!

CJ loves:

  • numbers (especially prime numbers and in particular the number 37)
  • classical ciphers
  • geocaching
  • cricket, and in particular, indoor cricket
  • owls (especially Boobooks
  • EDM (especially Disclosure)
  • Jewel Staite and Ellyse Perry
  • (some) video games
  • long walks deep at night
  • tree climbing
  • you.
CJ hates:
  • stabby things
  • seafood
  • being sick or injured
  • winter
  • walking at sunset (stand still and watch the sunset dammit!)
  • death
  • not you.

Wackjobs are taking over my music box.

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