October 8, 2013

I'm getting stared at again.


zero hours, zero minutes. first trap. subject is subjected to a small LGBT bookshop in Fitzroy. or, more correctly, the people and madcap antics therein. and madcap is the right word. (points go to D for Call Of The Evening.)

one hour, approximately thirty-five minutes. subject leaves Fitzroy quite happily.

twelve hours, zero minutes. subject awakens with a pair of sex dice.

fourteen hours, approximately five minutes. subject arrives to assist a friend with tasks such as packing boxes into cars and assembling a bed.

sixteen hours, twenty-five minutes. subject disappears (cheers to M for the lift) and walks of his own volition right into our next trap.

sixteen hours, thirty-five minutes. subject arrives at second trap.

eighteen hours, zero minutes. subject springs trap. it's an audio trap. ear-shattering bass. subject shrugs off trap and actually enjoys the bass.

twenty-six hours, zero minutes. subject has been subjected to Friendships, Rüfüs, AlunaGeorge, Duke Dumont and Disclosure. suffice it to say, our second trap failed too. subject walks away, tired but euphoric.

twenty-seven hours, five minutes. subject arrives at family members' house. subject is safe... for now.

thirty-six hours, zero minutes. subject awakens, sans sex dice.

forty-two hours, forty-five minutes. subject leaves family members' house and heads for third trap.

forty-three hours, forty-five minutes. subject springs third trap.

fifty-one hours, forty-five minutes. subject walks away from another goddamn trap, again happy. he has, though, had vanilla panna cotta and wedding cake shoved down his throat... by himself. (congratulations to B and T for their marriage!)

fifty-two hours, twenty minutes. subject falls asleep again. the overall plan may well be working at this stage.

sixty hours, zero minutes. subject awakens to the sound of the shrillest alarm in history. mildly hung over.

sixty-one hours, five minutes. the sonofabitch subject is still walking. i swear, if this last thing doesn't exhaust him...

sixty-three hours, zero minutes. subject enters class.

sixty-eight hours, zero minutes. subject leaves class... and is visibly elated. what the fuck does it take to wear this guy down?!

seventy-two hours, zero minutes. subject arrives at fourth trap.

seventy-three hours, twenty minutes. not only have we not exhausted the fuck out of him, but he also sprung the trap and actually enjoyed it... and was praised for it. and my gods he's asking for more! last roll of the sex dice coming now.

seventy-four hours, twenty minutes. well, i surrender. this fucker's taken everything thrown at him and not let his guard down once. i give up. somebody else can be the bounty hunter tracking him down, i'm done.

For those who filtered out the garbage, have this. These are only new songs.
  • The Romantic List
    • Bind Me - ETML
    • Given The Chance - Kite String Tangle
    • Sarah - Rüfüs
    • Seconds - Ghost Loft
    • Slowdowntime - Ghost Loft
    • Your Drums, Your Love - AlunaGeorge
  • The Summer List
    • Always Be Running - Eat More Cake
    • Beach - San Cisco
    • Breathe This Air - Jon Hopkins ft. Purity Ring
    • Burn - Ellie Goulding (well... it's new for me)
    • Dontcha - The Internet
    • The Good Life - Elizabeth Rose
    • To Fall In Love - Eat More Cake ft. MissDavinaLee
  • The Memories List
    • Elouisa - The Swiss
    • Paradise - Cub Scouts
    • Riptide - Vance Joy
    • So High - Ghost Loft
  • The Euphoria List
    • Ink In Water - Xan
    • Light Cycles - ShockOne
    • Lover's Shadow - Cosmo's Midnight
    • Wake Me Up - Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc
  • The Place-In-My-Head List
    • Battle For Middle You - Julio Bashmore
    • Errol Flynn - Jinja Safari
    • Sundream - Rüfüs
    • pretty much everything Disclosure has ever done

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