August 9, 2010

A remote control is all you need... if all you want is to change channel.

(rated M for Mature content: contains naughty words and ideas)

Last time on the CJ Curry Experience: we witnessed the world's smallest swan-diver jumping into a lake, painted a tin of paint, and discovered the best song to listen to if you're on a holiday with seven different people, two of them male, near the beach (but not too close to the beach) and within walking distance of a gelati shop.

And coming up today: we show you how cozy you can get for 50c per day, walk into a bear trap without getting hurt, and talk to a printer who has lost his job.



First up, I - wait, happy end? What the hell is happy end? ...anyway. On with it.


You are reading this because you are mistaken. Obviously you believe that this blog actually says something. Still, I can't blame you for trying.


One more week lies ahead of me, and seven straight hours of class lie behind me. I'm looking forward to the former and I'm greatly relieved about the latter. I'm also hoping that I'll soon be able to yell out BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES and get away with it.


I know you want to see my latest work of poetry. But you can't. Not yet. Give it a little bit, because I'm holding it back for a bit. I'm trying to put every strength of ounce I have into creating my paper world. Paper worlds are good places to go, but you need to avoid erasers and remember to drop in on the real world every so often.


I have a playlist. I call it "Melbourne". It is not about Melbourne. It is about my Melbourne.


No mobiles. No Walkmans. None of that, or any of the others. Signed, Bernard L. Black.


-Better give me a nine iron.
-Come on, sir, this isn't the golf war.


Coming soon on the CJ Curry Experience: once-in-a-lifetime stream-of-consciousness episode! I will simply type what I think about, even if it's button-mashing or kitten-keyboarding. What? Erm, button-mashing is hitting the same key over and over. Kitten-keyboarding is letting a cat loose on my keyboard.


low light
soft music
fluffy rug
headphones optional
video game or something distracting
ok, i'm ready. the atmosphear is good.
time for my paper world.


I still remember my old room...


You will see worried looks on my face. Don't panic. I'm not worried. I'm a bit like Dr. Strangelove that way.


It feels like every time I have everything worked out OK, along comes a catalyst.



Next time on the CJ Curry Experience: we retract a generic statement, show the world what it's like to be a piece of cheese (Axis wanted me to say that), and show you how to dismantle a yoghurt.

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