August 15, 2010

Wristwatches are for chumps.

(rated M for Mature content: contains donuts)

Last time on the CJ Curry Experience: we spoiled the plot of every movie being released in the next 25 years, put fedoras on and danced around like chickens, and stole a cookie.

And coming up today: we learn what the word "auxiliary" means, make beer coolers from duvets and T-shirts, and lay down on the ground for a few hours.


August is a brutal month for me. I might even split up Season 4 of the Experience as a result. But now that's out of the aeroplane way, it's time to begin.

Welcome to another episode of the mind-warping, torturous insight into my mind and mental state. Feel free to turn off (or not. I'll turn it off for you if you want). Stream-of-consciousness ahoy!

So. I'm thinking simultaneously about the new TV show I'm watching, and all the crap I have to deal with within the next week and a half. I knew it was going to be a landslide, but hell, it's turned into a double landslide. September can't come quickly enough. Avalanche and aeroplane are just words that start with A. Aw crap, there's horrible ads on. Ads just keep getting worse. They really do, and my TV is talking to me about choctops.

The last time I saw a proper stream-of-consciousness writing was my friend's back in 2005. Five years. Now I'm going to review my own stream of consciousness. Well, once I've finished writing it. Ooh, should I be playing SNES games or not? Well, later. I still have to finish my speech and my application. I'm applying for a leadership position and talking about nothing special for five minutes, all tomorrow. Seventeen hours later, I'll be HAPPY AS HELL.

Will I even make my speech? Yes. We won't all fit in the one day but we're going by alphabetical order, so either way I'm going to be shoved in the middle. I can kinda hope for an extra week but that's probably not happening, given that we'll run through a dozen speeches per day and there's only about 15 in the class, if that. If I'm shoved in the middle then that's that, it's happening tomorrow. I need Nazi zombies.

Man. 8am start, then five-to-six hours worrying about the speech I've prepared. I'm tempted to miss a class to further prepare myself for the speech. Uk uk uk uk uk. What class can I miss? Aw, hell.

So. I've got stuff on Monday morning, Monday afternoon, Monday night, Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday night, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday night, Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon, Sunday night, and then a week of sweet nothing until Sunday 29th. Perhaps.

Wait, is Sunday 29th a song? I have a feeling it is. And I liked the song, IIRC. HOLY CRAP, so it is. "These walls are so bare, and I close my eyes to see you when I'm lonely." I should listen to it. But that would detract from the TV show. Need to rehearse my speech and all that crap. MAN OH MAN. Ah... what? Why did I write that? I didn't think it. I thought "DAMN". Still, I should grab a donut. But I won't, the donuts and their sugar kicks need to be spent equally over the next two weeks.

One week down. Two to go. At least I'll sleep.

Next time on the CJ Curry Experience: CJ skydives off a bed, we use a pen and batteries to make fire, and send our favourite men to weave a basket and a quilt.

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