August 26, 2010

Deep into the haze of time...

(rated M for Mature content: contains violence and violets)

Last time on the CJ Curry Experience: we taught you the complete history of the bottle top, showed you fifty different things to do with a KFC refresher towel, and drank from the purest waters of the Simpson Desert.

And coming up today: we review every single piece of music ever created, push a bazooka through a door's mail slot, and send you all a cheque for $0.37 for being loyal reader(s).


The euphoria has finally died down, but it still comes back in occasional bursts. Regardless, just keep your eye on me, in case I get to excited or see an aeroplane.

Now, to business. Your contribution to my society has been greatly appreciated, and we value it higher than any other contribution that anyone else has given. Thank you. But we still need a bit more contribution. Contribution is what keeps us going here. The essence of life, as it were. Thank you.

I don't want to look up to people. I don't want to look down on people. I want to look sideways at everybody.

Man, it's been one of those nights. I didn't want to go out. I didn't want to stay in. I settled for doing both.

And there goes an aeroplane.

I needs teh sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I have only slept properly one night in the last eight. Not cool! Not hot! Not just right! But awful!

I have an old tube that used to hold Pringles-like chips. And that's about it.

I have a bottle that used to hold cold mocha. And that's about it.

I have a plastic bag that used to hold groceries. And that's about it.

Sleep dep is a good little kicker, isn't it? Be fun with me!



There's someone I need to meet, somewhere near and some time soon, but I know I won't like it when I meet them. It'll mean losing a part of me that I'd rather not lose. Fucking wisdom teeth.

So yeah, I clocked new SMB Wii, but I'm yet to 100% it. That'll take a long time. A really long time. Help? Or... or maybe not. ...I'll bake you a muffin.

*blank space*

I think that'll do. I need sleep.

Next time on the CJ Curry Experience: we wrestle rats for money, carve a tree stump into the shape of Audrey Hepburn, and talk for fifteen minutes to a frog.

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