February 23, 2011

Ahrr. Ahrr ahrr ahrr ahrr ahrr. Ahrr ahrr. Ahrr.

the 84th experience has begun...


It's hard to stay professional when you're a blogger. So I'm just gonna let loose and OHMYGOD AN AEROPLANE


Ahem. I believe you needed some double-A batteries. Somewhat correct? Fine. I need reimbursement for this: send it to me in the form of a demon, wrapped in cling film and pickled in moat water for three years. Send all demons via air mail to CJ Curry, c/- the President of Australia-land.

\ Backslash.

Ask me why I have an AEROPLANE AGAIN OHMYGOD IT'S ANOTHER AERO-oh wait. That's a helicopter. Bloody helis.

My wall says "Give way to your worst impulse". In that case BLARG. Zort and pie.

It has occurred to me that very few of you have actually seen me in person. Sad. I'm a very quiet and reserved person and don't like to be disturbed. Trust me, some of you world-people can be very disturbing.

/ Forward slash.

Also. If my mathematics is right, then 99.99999% of living people are alive right now. And I want to meet each and every one of them, with horrifyingly deliberate precision.


By the way, you too can have a ballpoint pen. Just be good to it. Also be good to Green. And be good to... erm... yourself. As it is, I've wasted too much time on chumps, so I gotta bugger off. Also, I can hear voices. Bye.

join the experience again soon...


Anonymous said...

I hate how much I don't hate this. I hate how compelling it is and most of all I hate how much it make's me want to know you.

CJ Curry said...

The more you know, eh?

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