February 28, 2011

I'm positive I lost an electron.

the 85th experience has begun...


It's another arbitrarily-given CJ Curry gift post!

My life is currently ruled by:
  • A&W vanilla cream soda. I had a dozen cans in my fridge last Thursday. I now have one.
  • Kitsuné Maison music.
  • Cricket Captain 2006. I just started my fifth season and I re-signed a bunch of people that I lost last season due to international commitZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  • My red leadership shirt. For a better explanation see this thing here.
  • Kerry O'Keeffe's book Skullduggery. What a hilarious man.
  • Club music.
  • The huge desire for a gaming computer. Pretty soon that dream should become a reality, and I'll be able to blog from something other than a Mac. (Don't hate.)
  • Cake bars, Tim Tams, Nerds, barbeque sauce.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the huge desire to get better. MUCH better. I'm way too aggressive.
  • Pasta.
  • Drum and Bass music.
  • My new iPod Touch. There really is an app for it.
  • "A Man Walked Into A Bar" jokes. -- A chicken walks into a bar, and tells the bartender "Sorry, wrong joke."
  • Bits of paper telling me I'm enrolled in this, that and the other class.
  • O week. Done!
  • Blue ballpoint pens.
  • Walks on the beach at sunset.
  • The (half dozen?) cards sitting on my desk, wishing me a happy age++; day.
  • Fantales.
  • Microhouse music.
  • Thins chips.
  • The Oblique Strategies.
  • My email, which has given me at least three emails every weekday for the last three weeks. Do the maths yourself.
  • Free O Week food.
If you're reading this from Facebook, please please PLEASE go to the actual site. Formatting on Facebook sucks balls.

Seriousness ahoy!

join the experience again soon...


Ashton said...

I think blogger just swallowed my last comment. :|
Yay gaming computer. I also have a huge desire for one. Not going to happen for another 4 months or so, but at least by then there will be some new/interesting CPU and GPU options around :D

CJ Curry said...

Reckon. Especially with Sandy Bridge.

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