February 11, 2011

Words of wisdumb.

the 82nd experience has begun...


timebomb. ticky ticky.

Spelunky score: $341,050. Now I wish that was real moneys.

My training has finished and I am now sorting through the most massive pile of emails that I have ever had but I'm pretty sure it'll get bigger once I become a desk jockey oh wait never mind I'm delusional again.

I never told you what I did for the summer:
  • wrecked the CIA's master plan
  • rediscovered my innocence and everyone else's
  • got The CJ Curry Experience published and in all major bookstores
  • freefell five hundred miles
  • zapped a zeppelin
  • wore socks
  • loved too many, loved too few
So there you go. Experience 80.5 was very eventful. But you won't hear it all.

ticky ticky

I need noms. BRB ........ OK, back now. (When I need noms I don't dick around.)

I'm just going to have a look at my diary... yep, my diary is still nice and black.

Oh yeah, I've decided for some strange and subconscious reason that colours are good and I'm wearing less black than I usually do. Blue wristband, colourful bandanna, white shoes. But still black slogan T-shirts and black shorts. Black > colours.

I still haven't hung up my Ratatat poster. I should probably do that, y'know. But still,

ticky ticky

it feels more like a souvenir when it's all rolled up and on my desk. Screw it, I'm sticking it up.

The street corners are gnashing together like the gears inside of the head of some omniscient engineer. Gasp.

ticky ticky KABOOM

join the experience again soon...

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