March 13, 2013

Keyser Söze was one heartless dick.

"I have new usual suspects, and they are suspiciously fun."

Drink up, for tomorrow I dye.

Also: Jam.

March marches on and that pun gets older and older as I get older as well. Not great but could be so much worse. So we continue with the randomness and craziness brought from Curryland and its subsidiary place things. Have a waffle.

Here is a preview of tomorrow:
There we go.

So I guess you should be told about the things I've been doing lately, ya? Ya. OK, so:

  • I have been with fishies. The aquarium is amazing!
  • Cached in several new locations around teh cityzorz.
  • Obediently helped put shit on film. Again.
  • Nicely played cards as a playtester.
  • Craftily played music. I need to do that more often.
  • Eyeballed a sporting event, through rain and... rain.
  • Did comedy and night markets, several times. Need more!
  • Extravagantly became an awesome boozehound.
But I haven't done anything with leftover soup. Well, not enough. Especially if caffeine is involved. Man, fuck caffeine because it fucks with me. In an awesome way of course. I need more. But it'll keep me awake way too long. So instead I'm gonna give you the following collection of syllables: Li, bap, sy, pla, und, si, zo. Enjoy.

long live my cricket bat. please.

Here is another preview of tomorrow:
That is all.

Also, something smells funny. Dammit, I thought we were alone here! But alas, if true then issues will ensue. Somehow. But if the blue box and the harrowed owl arrive tonight wrapped in Saran wrap (whatever the hell that is) with orders to "take me to your leader", I shall, erm, actually I don't know what I'll do because I'm already overstocked on pixie dust. I suppose I'll wear the cold gold Golf Gulf hat. Also known as a tam.

One last thing. The odds are still shortening for Flying Lotus and lengthening for Friendly Fires. Because Music Monday is actually quite subtle (but is now less so).

i think absurd notions is not actually such an absurd idea.

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