March 12, 2009

Get the squid for the next scene.

there is teh krikkit on teh weekendzorz WOOT WOOT WOOT oh crap are we recording already?


Welcome back to the CJ Curry Experience. An M-rated journey through non-sequiturs, bad puns, anticlimaxes, irony, cynicism, insanity, and not forgetting those magic curse words.

I notice that one of you has answered "Curry man is crazy? I think?" to my poll on the right-hand side of your window. I congratulate you, Mr/s {Anonymous} for this is a fantastic honour to be bestowed upon me.

However, this is not the right answer. Those who know the correct answer can put it on the back of a stamped, self-addressed zeppelin and throw it in the general direction of Aussie land.

It suddenly occurred to me how little you know about me. It also occurred to me that if you are reading this and you know exactly what the fuck I'm on about half the time, you deserve a medal and a wake-up slap in the face. In that order.

So. I proudly present:


(and other shit you wouldn't ever dare to ask me)

OK. Where to start? I'm 103 years old, and I live in a tower. Every night I go comatose for a few hours, and every morning I recover from said coma with almost no recollection of what I did. I was not born where I live, I am not living where I want to die, and I'm not going to die without being reborn.

I like numbers. Numbers are fun. Numbers are your friend. Numbers run the world around us and they make us look and think "Why the hell am I looking and thinking about numbers?" because numbers are special that way. I am special. I am a special case. An uppercase, maybe.

I don't want your antivirus crap. I don't want your penis extension crap. I don't want your Internet lottery crap. I don't want your magic weight loss crap. I don't want your Nigerian scam crap. I don't want your good-luck-if-you-repost-this-to-500-other-suckers crap. (I could go on forever.)

I have lost The Game on hundreds of occasions.

I believe in freedom of software. In truth from politicians. In justice for hax0rz and people who spout their Facebook crap everywhere. (None of that'll happen, now, will it?)

Today I had five classes. Java likes me now.

Currently eating Tim Tams. They make me loopy.

Currently listening to club electro house. It makes me happy.

Currently waiting for cricket training. It makes me hoopy. Hoopy? Ask Ford Prefect.

Currently drinking water. It makes me hydrated. (What the fuck did you *expect* me to say?)


Somebody find me a battleship. Preferably, one at a discounted price. I feel like trying out the myth that I can sink a battleship with all my CDs.

OK, I told you it would be the CJ Curry Experience. I never said it would be a good experience.


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@$#133! said...

...Ceej, have you been drinking red cordial 2day?

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