September 12, 2009

I saw it coming. Did you?



Welcome to the CJ Curry Experience. Yes, it still has its M rating, and yes, I plan to exploit that M rating as many times as humanly possible in the next thirty-two point seven seconds. FUCKFUCKFUCKSHITFUCKARSEFUCKSHIToh bugger, time's up.

Again, something new is happening! I have QC! No, not Questionable Content. Quality Control. Someone is watching me! So I hereby present a "making-of" post, just because I like it.


Picture this, if you will:

...a desk. Done? Good. Now, picture on that desk, a computer, and sitting at that computer is a nerd-boy. Me. CJ Curry. Hee!

I have a pattern with these blogs, in case you hadn't noticed. Random comment, a welcome, and an intro or non-sequitur to fill in time before the title arrives. (For those who are interested, it arrives by camel.)

So then I go into random rants, comments, non-sequiturs. I bring up references to pop culture or non-pop culture. Sometimes I have themed posts. Like this one. Or the Engrish happy fun time posting!

(My quality control person just laughed. Damn, I'm not trying hard enough.)

I currently have $14.10 sitting next to me, as well as sunglasses, a remote control, and a pair of juicy juicy thighs. ...wait, now I'm looking straight down.

(My quality control person was not amused. I'm talking about my own thighs, dammit!)

This blog is entirely unfunded. It's also very cheap. See, from here, I can take cheap shots at pretty much anyone. TO ALL THOSE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO HAVE A FIRST NAME STARTING WITH W, YOUR BREATH SMELLS!

Aeroplane! (This non-sequitur brought to you by me. And only me. And maybe Wiley. Read his comic.)

So. That's essentially the making-of. I type. I make cheap and nasty jokes. And I squeeze as much humour out of said jokes as I can. (Which often turns out to be zero.)

Incidentally, this making-of is now available on microcassette and microSD. Order forms can be picked up at your local CJ Curry Shop. Available in four different colours, including purple and dark black.

But before you go, buy my new book. At $AUD2.95 RRP, you'll be glad to miss out!

Credits (listed in order of appearance)

CJ Curry               Dilbert
The Blog Catbert
CJ's Computer Ratbert
Divine Being Dogbert
Dinosaur Bob
Quality Control Ashurii Usagi
Credits Written By Ronald McDonald
Based On A Purple Microcassette
Background Effects BSOD
Gravity Provided By Isaac Newton
Special Thanks My Mum
Producer Mel Brooks

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