September 1, 2009

And all the hearts are glowing...

Hi guys. (You know who you are.) I know you're reading this. So, please, for the love of everything that is good and Internetly, enjoy the fuck out of this blog.

Welcome to the CJ Curry Experience. Insert tagline here.

As part of CJ Curry's second season experimentation, this post has been turned into Engrish. If you want a full translation, watch this space. (It probably won't do anything except amuse me, but go ahead.) If you need a full translation, write a letter that say "I Need A Translation", scuba-dive all the way to the West Coast of the USA, turn the letter into a paper aeroplane, and try to look modest as people stare at you.


And now, in business. This week I try me me as without being abnormal you think of a certain thing, the optional teenager shown entirely. In addition, I caused and the (??) was not.

Serio is the music obsession where I am new. I dance the dance of jump of especially jump remix, you like. Because I this furthermore make Engrish more in insanity, this is expressed. As for me when I is possible, in order to throw in the same way the way with many optional words, you try; "defenestrate". As for Everything2 of word; you like; "defenestrate" what reason?… When those where that is you do not know, inspect that. It possesses the hand, therefore use those.

Accidentally, someone are 2 these thumbs, is the just you are surprised completely? This person!

Although you obtain, being used, in order to transfer the time when you become tired exactly… Regrettable. There is blog which it should obtain in me.

Therefore. I drank my weight of the soda which becomes cream condition 3 days ago. As for me which it occurs; you used; "time of sickness"; this blog and Nomic I in order to think in regard to thought for the game; where presently you play.

I trained 2 days ago.

I like raver jumped 1 days, ago the dance, and made general. Because exactly.

Zero days I ago allotment and you finished; attaches my TV. As for that me the it bothers; suitable what it probably will rub. Person.


The option which accidentally, the people continue to see certain ones with this blog it is you think every shit and in doubt. That is simple: There is no randomness! True randomness achieving, is impossible!

Calm down the sexual intercourse. We ask. It ended that almost.

In addition, as for me it was attached to underwater grasping my breath. … dang of um, already those which have used up believe my material. Recycle the victory of the large box!

Achewood rush do!

Credits (listed in order of appearance)

CJ Curry David "Bumble" Lloyd
The Blog Dick Smith
CJ's Computer Comp-U-Comp
Engrish Japan
Window Mac OS 1
Recycle Bin John Howard
Cinematography Junichi Masuda
CJ's Portrait By Ken Sugimori
Original Idea Satoshi Tajiri
Screenplay Alfred Hitchcock
Special Thanks Andrew Flintoff
Producer RSS

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