May 24, 2010

I speak English real goodly.

Hi. I'm CJ. And we all need a bit of Engrish in our lives.


The mail box CJ Curry not have any important information. Mr. CJ not like empty box. You want blog, you read blog so you send money and lovely kisses to Mr. CJ.

Making up such things as <Engrish> is fun! Enjoy the happy smiles and laugh as write Engrish Mr. CJ. Not claim to be exceptional, but like to be fun. Shit. Well, it's a shame.

You have laundry! I wish to build laundry in house. You get me elect, you like me and laundry will build. It is faith in me, maybe I made a mistake but laundry is easy fun. Materials of building are need, but obtaining them is just a snap. Nothing strange with laundry.

Do not shatter.

Season is changing soon. I do exam, I take time away from blog. Still, July or August is good return. Regard the blog, until return.

Too much joy, not enough of the joy for you. Is joy the reason for return? Maybe? Bullshit, come here. It is the gift of return and food's coldness in refrigerator. Which go ahead to joy again. You want the <joy>? Tomorrow.

Wreck this thing, do not shatter.

I see your face. You go ahead to look happy. Because I offend, your offend is my goal and is easy trolling. Trolls away! And is fun to watch.

I sing tomorrow in sing contest. Contest? What? Oh sorry, I mean <Variety Night>. I enjoy. You probably like too, but I get better fun. Much fun.

In world's news: police say, we make problems. We responsible for death in the cell. Now they problems! And. Bangkok is protest finish. Yay! And. Tiny transistor, electric circuit made of atoms of seven. Only seven! Want so much! And. FIFA enjoy nearly time to begin in June. Will not display results, because did not see during Ashes.

Go ahead to have a good day. Curryland come back!



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