May 3, 2010

Oh yes... there will be dance.

Hi. I'm CJ. And I just won five million Zimbabwe dollars.


Pics of the Zombie Shuffle are up! Gruesome! (nr 20 is moi. please treat with respect.)

And away we go.

I told you. Away I went. Never mind, let the fun begin!

Apparently my readership is expanding. Yay! I now have two regular readers instead of one! Thank you, Reuters! ...well, something like that, anyway. So I must write the following obligatory message: any complaints about my blogging can be sent straight to Curryland Media, PLC, and any congratulations can be sent to me.

It has been a long time since I mentioned aeroplanes. I realise that aeroplanes look somewhat like fighter jets when they scream over at night. Which reminds me of Tomorrow, When The War Began. Of which there shall soon be a film. Happies!

A few words from our sponsor:


The broken computer sitting next to me is pretty far from dead weight. That's right, it's live weight. Don't touch it, it'll hurt you. Those jaws it has are pretty nasty.

I need snacky goodness! But I can't drive! I have alcohol in me! Baaaaaaaaad. BAD Curry-boy.

Has it ever occurred to you that the best things in this life are indeed free? Sit back and enjoy sounds once in a while. Sounds are awesome. Sounds are friendly and nice and definitely not scary at all, because sounds don't mean anything unless they are accompanied by images. Ooh, images. This is why I don't like watching horror movies, but I won't mind listening in on one. Yeah, I'm weird, I know. Hell, I hate cola and I once had a bad experience with whisky... but I love whisky and cola. Delicious.

Wait, what? Where was I?

You might remember a few posts back I asked seven questions. Those seven questions have demanded to make a return. I agreed, but they had to get changed first.
  • WHEN did you start blogging?
    About this time thirteen months ago. I think. I'm not reliable with numbers.
  • WHO is your favourite person?
    I have different favourites for different situations.
  • WHERE do you keep your spare key?
    I don't exactly have a spare key.
  • WHAT is the average velocity of an unladen swallow?
    I believe you'll find that it's between 30 and 40 clicks, but their top speed is something like 60 clicks.
  • WHY is my underwear sticky?
    Because you just sat on a chocolate pie.
  • WHICH do you prefer: lateral thinking puzzles or sex?
    Ha. No competition there.
  • HOW will you beat the clock?
    CLOCK! Wahoo!
I wish you all a speedy euphoria.



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