September 2, 2010

Kick out the maniac!

(rated M for Mature content: contains advertisements)

Last time on the CJ Curry Experience: we injected confidence into 20,000 ants, attended the Wii Championships, and went bald for a few hours just to look shiny.

And coming up today: we look cautiously at a hammer and a nail, heavily criticise AZERTY, QZERTY, QWERTZ and Dvorak boards, and show you fifteen different trading cards and detail their origins ad nauseum.



I have a pile of shit to sift through. Allow me to put on my latex gloves. Excuse me.

There. Done. Shit sifted. I'll never use those gloves again.

So. Since I last wrote to you, Australia's parliament has been hung. I'm hoping it also gets drawn and quartered, but that's like hoping for a million dollars to fall out of the sky, or like hoping that Michael Jackson is a good singer.


And I'm going back to the Rat soon. Rats are... ratty. Rat rat rat Ratties. What was your favourite TV show as a kid? Bananaman? Bangers & Mash? Angela Anaconda? Any others? Send your vote to CJ Curry, c/- The Internets. I told the Elders of the Internet to expect your votes. They'll forward it to my IP address.

We'll be right back after these messages from our sponsors.

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BARBRA STREISAND. Who wants duck sauce?

As I was saying. You deserve food. So go to the refrigerator and get a slice of custard. Get one for me while you're there. It's on the house.

I haz pie. But I no CAN haz pie. I haz no can. And I definitely no haz can pie. Can I haz can pie? I haz pie cancan. Pie pie pie pie pie pie pie π pie pie pie.


Next time on the CJ Curry Experience: we discuss the ethics of cats, find our way back home, and enjoy a slice of courage with Noel Coward.

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