September 6, 2010

Oh, do grow up.

(rated M for Mature content: contains quite bloody obvious sexual references)

Last time on the CJ Curry Experience: we joined forces with the UN to rid the world of blankets, played harpsichord until our fingers broke, and shook our fists at everyone who decided to walk down the street.

And coming up today: 69!


69! Isn't it amazing? 69 = 23*3 = 60+9 = 13102xdx = j/1,000 (where j is the number of jokes that can be made about the number 69 in the first place).



Six. Nine.

But it's not really that special. Still, I should mention that since I posted interesting facts about the number 37, I should do the same for the number 69.
  • 69! is the highest factorial number most scientific and graphic calculators can manage, simply because of memory limitations.
  • 6916 = 10510 and 6910 = 1058. This makes computer science easier.
  • There are 69 drops of water on one pane of my window. The other pane has too many to count.
  • The 69th element is a lanthanide. Thulium, if memory serves. *checks Wikipedia*
  • Interstate 69 intersects Interstate 96. How about that!
  • It's a sex position. There, I said it. Also known as soixante-neuf. The French have all the good ideas.
  • 69 is a semiprime. In that respect, it's like Julia Gillard at the moment (note that Australia's parliament is still hung as at writing, we're just waiting on the drawing and quartering bits).
  • LXIX was the Year Of Four Emperors. Much like Australia, Rome couldn't decide who they wanted as Emperor.
  • '69 was the year Bryan Adams chose to sing about. Why, man, why? When there are so many jokes that can be made?
  • My high score on any given game is 69n, where n ∈ R.
  • I can write a program that simulates 69 things.
  • 1969 was the year man first walked on the moon. Woman has yet to do so.
  • I just took 69 steps.
  • Regarding haiku: read out four haiku, then say "bye". There's your 69 syllables. (Is it "haiku" or "haikus" in the plural? Or something else? Doesn't matter, I suppose.)
  • The 69th song in my playlist is:
    • Airwave by Rank 1, sorted ascending by name.
    • Don't Be by Afrojack, sorted ascending by performer.
    • Red Mist VIP by Danny Byrd, sorted ascending by album title.
    • Don't Stop by ATB, sorted descending by rating.
    • Funk Ad by Daft Punk, sorted ascending by time.
    • Needin' You by David Morales ft. Juliet Roberts, unsorted.
  • 69℃ = 156℉ and 69℉ = 20.5℃. I think I prefer the latter option, if I'm going swimming or sunbathing.
Now go and have a 69.

Next time on the CJ Curry Experience: we tackle some Very Serious Business, toss a coin until we throw up, and get inventive with a pipecleaner and some sulphuric acid.

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