September 10, 2010

Early ≠ late, right? Right?

(rated M for Mature content: contains violent words like "kick")

Last time on the CJ Curry Experience: we visited fifteen different supermarkets and bought the same item each time, opened up an SDHC card and a USB drive, and jumped a lot.

And coming up today: we sun ourselves in the spring rain, run through the halls of our primary school, and look casually at our diaries for the fiftieth time in one second.


TOPIC 1: Last month, I got the job I'd been hunting down for the best part of the last 12 months. Blogging shall continue next year. Hell, I'm not stopping at a hundred. But I'm still going for 20 per season. And one season each semester. I'll stop when... I get bored, xor I learn everything there is about myself.

This is what taking on the job is about. I like learning. I especially like learning about myself, and about other people. I've learned a lot about myself in the last 69.2 posts. And beyond. And I like it. I'll keep trying for higher and higher jobs until I've exhausted everything I want to do. And then I'll kick back with a video game and stop there.

TOPIC 2: I'm currently 20 (or so people tell me). In Australia, there's this really big thing about celebrating your 21st. I don't see it. My cynicism, political views, upbringing, whatever. Maybe they affect my views, maybe not. (Well, certainly not my upbringing (god DAMN it). Anyway, people are turning 21 all around me, and as I have been blessed (cursed?) with a late (early?) birthday I get to watch other 21sts and model mine after theirs. And I've decided I don't want what others want.

To clarify: I have decided to do nothing for my 21st. Reasons: half personal, half time. My job means that I'll be ultra busy for some time leading up to, and after, my 21st. I can't have it before or after then, otherwise it'll be two months either side, and hell if I'm doing that. So, no. I'm not having a 21st. Sorry to those who wanted to celebrate it for me. (This is another argument entirely, but I'm too lazy.)

Besides, how many people know when I turn 21 anyway? How many people that matter?

TOPIC 3: My grades are still good. Which means I can still afford to keep blogging. Eleven As (about four of which are highly undeserved) and a B to round out the year and a half. I'm happy with my performance, and I might be looking at graduating very well within the next three and a half years. Still plenty of time to deal with the total awesomeness that is university.

For those who missed the backstory, here it is. For those who are allergic to backstories, turn your screen off for a few lines. I'm doing a maths/stats degree and a comp sci degree. You may commence shouting "NERD" at your screen right now. I started the degrees a fraction before I wrote my first post here. No coincidence. And yes, I did eat a Pounder just before I wrote the first entry. I promise.

TOPIC 4: I need to be reviewed! I likes me my feedbackszorz, so I'm asking any and all interesting parties to review my work. But only for this blog. Read as much or as little as you want, and write to me. I'm reachable in Curryland, La Trobe University, Twatter, or just the comment thread underneath. Write what the hell you want. I won't bite back. Much.

TOPIC 5: It's spring time for CJ and Curryland! After careful consideration, winter has decided to bugger off for a while! Unfortunately for me, this means I have a spring/summer playlist without an iPod to stand on. Double-plus ungood. Enough of that.

TOPIC 6: ah, fuckit. I'm done.

Next time on the CJ Curry Experience: we journey to the widest plains of the Rialto Tower, jump over the fence a hundred times, and eat our own arms and regenerate them.

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