September 23, 2010

"Ohai" is a legitimate word!

(rated M for Mature content: contains graphic descriptions of my night)

Last time on the CJ Curry Experience: we jumped into a pool full of dead piranhas, locked Linus Torvalds, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in the same room for fifteen days straight, and discovered what an "Augury Owl" is.

And coming up today: we sit through A Cold Freezin' Night, ride our bikes until we get home, and Facebook-stalk the first fifty people to Tweet us with their MySpace address.


So it's been a great night. We had a play and I killed backstage. I also did a good job. Then a bunch of my friends decided to go "OHAI" and distract me away from my assignment with balloons and the Game and hugs. We're all hugsluts back here. Then one of my friends kissed another of my friends and we squeezed a shitload of gossip out of him and then I played Monopoly with a bunch of drunk people and hats! That's right, I remember now, there were hats. And someone bought Park Lane for some $1,500 and that pretty much ended the game because everyone has classes in the morning. Curses.

Oh and also also also also I also learned that the Earth's oblateness is 1/298 and I learned that I like the word "oblateness" and I also learned that I constantly misspell "learned" subconsciously. And I got six people to draw pictures. I like pictures. Also I showed my friendskis Brawl and New Mario Bros Wii. And played with a Sharpie. And also also fiddled with lights.

OH! And I ran out onto a stage.

ALSO ALSO ALSO! I ate half my body weight in chocolates and got addicted to a new song about bikes and I also revived Trololo and and and and also and also and also ate food.

AND!!! I also jumped.

Ooh ooh ooh! I also wrote a whole assignment in 20 minutes AND ALSO wrote more of an assignment that is supposed to be due in a week and a half and AND and and wore a hat and ran into a fire extinguisher, I got a cut and a bruise but the fire extinguisher only hurt its pride AND I ate ravioli from a can.

AND!!! I also decided that I'm not keeping a diary next year like I wanted to about two weeks ago (but I never told you) but instead I'm going to go all digital and shizz and take a picture of myself every day for a year doing all kinds of crazy rubbish like being awesome and garbage, and I might post links to the photos here but only if you're all GOOD BOYS AND GIRLS.

I ALSO DID THIS! I also discovered what it's like to be on a high without drugs or alcohol but with copious quantities of onion rings and chocolate and adrenaline and JUST PURE AWESOME.

and and and AND and AND ALSO also ALSO said the words "also" and "and" quite a lot.

Next time on the CJ Curry Experience: we go back to simple times, discuss shampoo with the Old Spice guy, and eat the mushrooms in our hair.

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