April 3, 2009

I'm blogging and I can't get up.

Ooh. The disastrous episode of the yellow sticky notes. I remember that one very well. It was in the papers. Ooh yes, and they had a little picture. It was a green sticky note. I was displeased. Very displeased. Back in the day they used to display, read and print news that had horrifyingly accurate precision. Now it's just "Kylie's into Botox" and "Terry Wallace has faced the millionth call for his resignation". You sure can tell a slow news day when the front page has a direction to page 22-23, where the gossip section is. But anyway.

Welcome back to the CJ Curry Experience. I may or may not have consumed sugar in the past hour or so. I may or may not be under the effects of caffeine. I may or may not be bored. I may or may not be in a suburban daze. I may or may not be back where I grew up. I may or may not make this blog M-rated, pretentious, sarcastic, sardonic, cynical, random, or just plain stupid. But that's just me.

If you have a weak stomach, switch off now. Not because the next part of the blog is gruesome, but because I've always wanted to say that.


Whenever I get tired, depressed, angsty, lonely, pissed off at the world, or just plain blue, I shut the fuck up and carry on with my life. It happens.

Bond movies! Everyone loves a Bond movie. But I ain't everybody, it turns out. It's a mirror of myself. Am I somebody else? I don't wanna be everybody.

I shall keep blogging until my battery dies. Right now it's at 46%.

We got rained on! Melbin got rained upon by a bunch of weather gods. I'm beginning to really worship those guys right about now. Well, not really. Weather gods don't exist. Just weather. Do I believe in anything without proof? Yes, I believe that 1=2 and that the earth isn't shaped like a tangerine, but actually shaped a bit like a potato. Or maybe a melon. I like cheeeeeeeeeeeese...

Aeroplanes! Everybody loves aeroplanes! I like the word aero. It has threeeeee vowels! Cool! Aero can be used in so many other words. Once they make the phrase "ultra aerodynamic patch" popular I will be exceedingly happy. Not that I'm not exceedingly happy right now, of course.

52% battery life left. Damn, I forgot that I left it plugged into the power. OK, I'll blog until I feel like it.

Who likes the non-sequiturs in my blog? Perhaps the titles that don't make sense? Yes? No? Threebagsfull?

I shall relax now. Ahhh OK back to the blogging.

Relaxation is good for the mindbody and soul. WHAT? Mindbody is a word? Jeez. When your spellchecker gives you lemons you find a new spellchecker. Ooh! I quoted that!

Talking of relaxation, I shall now go and read a book. About the history and herstory of owls. Maybe. Keep in mind I'm still on sugar. Maybe.

Everybody run, everybody know...

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